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Why Us?

SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD provide a service in development of easily workable systems, with supporting documentation, which will lead to formal certification by a Certification Body. 

This is achieved by the following steps: 

1. Initial evaluation of the status of a company’s present systems by discussion with Management and filling of a comprehensive questionnaire.

2. Development of policy manuals to describe the intentions of the customer's company.

3. Development of procedure manuals to describe how the above intentions will be met.

4. Development of work instructions to describe the day-to-day way in which tasks are performed.

5. Development of process flows (QA), impact and aspects (EMS), job safety analysis and risk assessments (OH&S) 

The above is achieved by a working partnership between SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD and the customer's company. The customer appoints a Management Representative to administrate the system/s. 

In most cases where companies develop management systems to achieve certification under more than one of the codes mentioned in Paragraph B, it becomes increasingly difficult to administrate. SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD has developed a system to integrate the separate systems into a single system. This also makes it more comprehensible when the systems are audited. 

Benefits of a Safety Management System 

  • Reduced administrative cost.
  • The potential for reduced insurance and liability cost.
  • Positive employee impacts and protection of worker health.
  • Improve regulatory compliance.
  • Reduced costs from injuries and illnesses.


SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD considers confidentiality to be of prime importance. Each company has unique services, production methods and confidential information.

On appointment of SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD as consultants, a confidentiality contract is entered into. This contract protects both parties. Company confidentiality and intellectual property is protected. 


  • Manufacturing, construction, transport and logistics, mining and chemicals.
  • Service companies as well as analytical laboratories.
  • We also cater for all needs as may become evident.
  • Fire plan and emergency planning for corporate buildings and small business. 

Corporate Clothing and PPE

  • With ever increasing competition, companies are looking for cost effective means of creating market awareness.
  • Corporate wear is not about wearing uniforms, but rather about creating individuality that uniquely reinforce your organisations identity. Our customers acknowledge SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD as a successful supplier and our service bearing testimony to our unique approach and experience in PPE and corporate clothing.
  • SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD offers contemporary styling, high quality fabrics and meticulous manufacturing which have become hallmarks of our clothing and PPE ranges.
  • SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD has experience in the supplying large companies as well as smaller businesses with suitable corporate wear and PPE.
  • SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD provides you with comfortable, fashionable clothing that enhances your appearance, reinforces your employee’s commitment as a team member and encourages confidence.
  • SHEQ Perfect (PTY) LTD is a full service corporate and PPE supply company with a comprehensive catalogue range to suite any need.

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